Session 000


The characters are on a tight time table. They’re trying to get away from Teemo the Hutt and his goons! There only hope is to get off of Tatooine but without a ship that might prove difficult. However, enterprising outlaws have found a willing pilot. The only problem? He needs his ship pulled from lock down.

As it unfolds:

The characters find themselves chased through the streets by Gamorreans under the employ of Teemo. Slipping into a cantina, the characters attempting hiding both in and out of plain site. However, Treya took a little too long to get the door to the supply closet opened and the Gamorreans entered and spotted her.

A fire fight breaks out with Tyranous jumping for cover behind the bar. Though this turned out to be over cautious as the Gamorreans were quickly dispatched. The Deveranian barkeep demanded the characters leave after bringing a fire fight to his establishment. This led to an awkward confrontation/talk down between Tyranous, Sylo and the bartender. However, the characters left before anything else escalated.

Back on the streets, Tyranous revealed that his ship needed a new Hypermatter igniter for the Hyperdrive. He suggested a parts shop ran by a man named Orn. At the parts shop, negotiations shifted rapidly between friendliness, to intimidation and back again. While the characters were not able to convince the shop owner to sell them his last igniter, Treya was able to find the right parts in order to make one. Before leaving the characters learn that shopkeep’s last igniter was being held for an enforcer for Teemo the Hutt named Trex. The connection to Teemo sets a fire in the belly of the hired gun, who now wants a little payback on Teemo. They find out that Trex is at that spaceport so that is where the characters head.

At the it become revealed that Tyranous’ “ship” was actually Trex’s all along and the “lock down” he needed for them to help him lift was instead more a liberal interpretation of borrowing from the Trex. While that would be under normal circumstances a rather big revelation the group’s combination of desires to both get off planet, and to take revenge out on Teemo via proxy caused them to overlook this and move directly to hanger 21 and a confrontation with Trex.

At the landing bay Treya disabled the internal sensors in order to cut down on alarms from weapon’s fire. Sylo coms Trex from the bay doors telling him that there is a competitive bid on the igniter he ordered. Trex clearly agitated opens the door with two old battle droids. The Transdosian enforcer immediately gets engaged in hand to hand with Sylo, while the hired gun decides to take a chance and fire directly into the melee. While some serious wounds were received the players defeated Trex and his droids. Treya immediately headed to the ship in order to get started on repairs.

The hired gun began checking the body of Trex for anything of interest, while finishing up he notices the approach of a group of Imperial Stormtroopers.

To be continued…

Session 000

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